Laptop Requirement

At BIS we do not require a specific operating system (Apple, Windows, or Linux) or manufacturer brand, but we do require a minimum level of capability, security, and function. Please see below for details:

  • Capability – A well cared for laptop can function effectively for three or more years. As a minimum, we require:
    • The ability to run the latest version of Chrome.
    • An Office Suite installed – Either Microsoft Office (2008 or above – requires paid license) or LibreOffice (free)
    • A minimum of 4 hours battery life.
  • Security – For windows machines Antivirus protection is required. For Apple machines a Malware removal tool is required. We recommend:
  • Function – The laptop hardware must be in good condition, with screen, keyboard, touchpad, speakers, and other essential components present and functioning correctly. It is expected that you will treat your laptop carefully, and get it repaired promptly if it has technical issues. The BIS technology department is able to perform basic software support, but repair of hardware issues are the student/parent responsibility.
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